Don't Call It A Heel Turn: Hotshotting Killed The Business Then Now And Forever

Corbin Macklin


Fuck format. Name one main roster babyface you like. That legitimately should be main eventing right now. You can't. WWE does not know how to book a babyface PERIOD, pooh. Bray Wyatt will never work as a babyface. Well, let me not say never. Bray Wyatt is the personification of the cool heel everyone pops for and would like for him to turn babyface. Then, once he does? He's not as cool anymore. Just like Seth Rollins. Just like Braun Strowman. You motherfuckers told me both of them would be THE top babyfaces carrying the company. Look at them. Both heel again. I hate all of you sheep that think "Roman Reigns needs to turn heel so people will like him". Right now, many of you would argue me down that he IS heel right now. And I will shit on all those arguments momentarily. From what I can see, some people are excited that WWE is finally turning Roman. And the haters? They're in the comments letting us know how much they don't care.

In about half of the things I have written on this site, somewhere in there I have said a variation of "Stone Cold Steve Austin and the nWo are why you can't be an over babyface in 2020" because HOW are you supposed to get over being the basic smiling babyface when nothing will ever be cooler in wrestling than the nWo who were heels and Stone Cold was a babyface who cursed, flipped the bird, constantly abused his boss AND women and was an alcoholic? You can't. When I wasn't pointing that shit out... I was telling you that you are a dumb fuck for thinking Vincent Kennedy McMahon got dragged into SHIT kicking and screaming much less forced into:

- giving Daniel Bryan every championship belt they could in a 5 year span

- having Daniel Bryan beat John Cena clean in the main event of SummerSlam

- letting Daniel Bryan win 5 world championships

- defend or contend for 3 world championships at WrestleMania, winning the lone time he main evented



You know the way Bryan really got over with fans? By being an annoying heel. The "Yes!" thing was an accident that was meant to draw heat but fans love chanting shit. Then he turned heel with "No!" chants meant to compel fans to chant "Yes!" in call and response. I am a Christopher "Notorious BIG" Wallace fan. I would argue with you that he died before he could go out sad making dogshit music. Daniel Bryan "retired" from his injuries before you marks could get tired of his act as a babyface and turn on him like you do EVERYONE else. It's unpossible to get over and stay over as a white meat babyface.

Full stop.

Let's talk about why I STILL don't think Roman Reigns is a heel.

- You niggas think he was heel because he snuck Bray and Braun and then talked shit to them. Because you're now conditioned to think only heels DO dope shit like that.

- You think he's a heel because he aligned himself with the coolest heel manager in the business who gets full arenas to chant in unison HIS and Brock Lesnar's intros. Because you're not smart enough to see that aligning with Heyman is meant to make him cooler, cover his weakness with promos, give Heyman something to do while Brock is absent... And set up a future feud when Heyman turns on him like he has everyone including Brock. OR. What if... WWE has Heyman do something smart and bank on Roman making him longer term money IF the blood cancer doesn't shorten that term?

- You think he's a heel because he didn't come out for the match at Payback until Braun and Bray had broken the ring and each other. Because you're conditioned to think babyfaces are stupid. What if Heyman talked Roman into the virtues of working smarter and not harder?

- You think he's a heel because he kicked Bray in the dick in a no holds barred match. Once again... You think babyfaces are supposed to be stupid.

Basically: instead of looking at the bigger picture which is that aligning with Heyman instantly makes Roman cooler and more calculating and with potential for much better promos... You think the only way this can work is if he goes heel.

If Bray Wyatt is the top babyface... I give it half a year before you people say he's washed and buried. Some of you are already saying it on the strength of Bray having already lost the strap. Dude. He has won 3 world championships in the last 3 years. He'll be fine. Also? The biggest wrestling stars don't need the belt all the time to be relevant. Counter to that... Here's hoping Roman holds the belt longer than 2 months this time.

It's sad that the coolest era in wrestling made it impossible for you to enjoy any babyface that wasn't dark. Remember how bad you wanted Cena to go heel? You might get that too, since everyone The Fiend touches turns. IF Roman was heel at Payback... He's face now lmao.

I don't care if I'm wrong with everything I'm saying. ALL I care about is that Roman doesn't grab a mic and do the same old tired heel promo about turning his back on the fans that turned their backs on him. If they can resist doing THAT shit I'll be happy. I'd like it if they said they're doing business simply because they respect each other for what they do and see potential to do good business together or something like that.

Yanno... If someone turns heel to make people want to like them... Were they ever really a heel?

Think on this.