The Just Bringing The Raw Hall of Fame was created to recognize those who made significant contributions to WWE history. A preliminary ballot will be formed from those nominated. Those receiving the most votes will be placed on the final ballot. Nominees must receive at least 10 or more votes to be elected. Anyone receiving less than will be included on the next ballot. The nomination period will last until December 15.

In the name field you can enter your handle on whichever forum of which you're a member (e.g. Wrestlingforum, TPWW, Rajah, WrestlingClique, Operation Sports).


In the form below you can submit names of individuals (whether wrestlers, managers/valets, referees, announcers, promoters) you deem worthy of enshrinement based on the outlined criteria. In the name field use your forum (e.g. TPWW, Wrestling Forum, WrestlingClique, Rajah, LOP, Operation Sports) handle for the name field. Refer to the Billings Guide to ensure your nominees matches how they're listed on lineup sheets, promo shots or programs.