Kofi Is NOT Main Event Material

Corbin Macklin

Full disclosure, that title is wholly meant to be clickbait. And I mean it. I am a black man. To some black people, WWE is racist for not giving its world championships to more black men than Mark Henry, Booker T and The Rock. To me, no black men other than Bobby Lashley before he left, but NOT since he came back, have deserved the distinction. I am an old school wrestling fan. I miss the days when someone could be world champion for multiple years. It feels like nowadays, most of the roster gets a turn with these participation trophy championship belts.

Be honest.

You didn't think Kofi Kingston deserved a championship match before this push that he only got because the person it was meant for got hurt.

Oh? You think he deserves it because he did his job for 11 years as one of the kings of WWE's midcard?

I don't think being a midcard level guy is bad. I think that it's bad that WWE jobs guys out and then poof, one day they are handed THE belt. Bray Wyatt and Jinder Mahal are both well under .500 as singles but they have "WWE Champion" on their resumes. I do not care to look up Kofi Kingston's record because I don't need to. I respect him a great deal as a worker. I honestly cannot tell you my favorite Kofi Kingston singles match. I feel like his best work has been as a part of New Day. If he died today, he would be one of the most decorated wrestlers ever. When Vince said he wouldn't be Hall of Fame level as a single, I felt that. He has multiple forgettable runs as IC and US champion, but I remember his time teamming with CM Punk, and with Evan Bourne. As I said previously, his BEST work has been with New Day. Everybody lies on resumes, in cover letters and on interviews saying "I work well individually, or in a team." The truth is, most of us excel at one or the other. Most of us are worthless on our own. Some of us do not work well with others. I am not saying Kofi is worthless as a single. I'm saying he excels as a member of a team.

WWE storytelling is predictable af. You know the following sentence is accurate. Vince will break up New Day not long after Kofi wins the championship. Either Xavier or Big E will start acting jealous and want a shot at the belt. Kofi will probably successfully defend said belt. But, once New Day is done, so is he. He isn't that entertaining on his own. He isn't that great of a worker as a single. He is not a draw as a single. He is golden in New Day. I don't think New Day should ever break up. And let's say, for a monent, Vince doesn't do the predictable thing: I could see Kofi holding the gold longer as long as he has New Day. They are not above cheating as faces in this imaginary world people in and around the business live in wherein face and heel alignment is irrevelant to good storytelling and booking. I think the REAL money is in them being heels, but then, that would piss all over this storyline that has seen them use fan sentiment and "people like us" to hammer home that we should root for Kofi to succeed.

I am not against Kofi succeeding. Please don't read me saying his matches are unspectacular and he's not entertaining as a single as "I don't like him." I love Kofi as a tag team guy, as a member of New Day. I refuse to say "I see him as a draw, as THE main event etc." I have a tradition of bringing up Roman Reigns somehow as a Roman Reigns mark... as I typed the previous sentences it was not lost on me that people who do not care for him as a single feel the EXACT same way. You like him in The Shield, you like him in a tag team, but do not see him as THE guy. I get it. I feel like most fans enjoy seeing guys who would have never ever gotten a main event push in the 80s work on top. I can literally picture Roman Reigns spearing the yellow off Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania. You probably would not like to see the match period.

Look me in this here text and tell me you can picture Hogan in peak Hulkamania taking the Trouble in Paradise and staying down for the 3 count.

If you just said you can see that happening, I now know you are a liar and your words mean nothing to me.

I am a big fan of saying, for a guy to be considered world championship worthy, I have to picture them beating Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden. Hulk Hogan during Hulkamania. Stone Cold Steve Austin etc etc etc. I feel like merch sales and those YouTube clip views are indicative of being a top draw. Kofi is that... as a member of New Day. I could see New Day winning a 3 man tag against any 3 men in history but make it a singles match and ehhhhhh...

Agree to disagree?