My Ideal Wrestling Program

Johnathan McDonald

90 minutes in duration - long enough to allow for the occasional long match, but short enough to keep viewers attention and not become a chore to sit through.

8:00PM EST Start Time - Come on, we don't want our wrestling staying on so late that it interferes with getting up for work.

Two man booth, face doing play-by-play, heel doing colour commentary - a tried and tested formula.

Some pyro to start the show - A guilty pleasure I know, but dammit, pyro hypes me up! It activates my primitative make instincts; "Loud! Flashy! This mean good!"

Two squash matches, not in consecutive segments: A couple of enhancement matches never hurt anybody. We were raised on 'em by golly! Plus, you can multitask with these bad boys, maybe throw in an insert promo, or plug your latest magazine/collectors cup/ice cream bar/charitable effort.

A main event with two featured superstars - fairly self explanatory, but I feel the tv main event has gone the way of the dinosaur lately. With the aforementioned two squash matches having already occurred, the juxtaposition means the main event will seem how it should seem: important.

One in-ring interview, two backstage interviews, not consecutive - and further, we have *got* to break this trend of passive stick men and women who end every interview looking sheepish as the superstar they interviewed walks off. In the spirit of Mene Gene, let’s give our stick people some hutzpah.

Minimal social media talk - Alas, this is probably wishful thinking.