New War More Hotshotting

Corbin Macklin


I haven't been as prolific lately because to be completely transparent, I haven't had a whole lot to complain about. My wrestling complaints in order: 1) Roman Reigns has not had a single good storyline since he came back from cancer. 2) Seth Rollins has gotten the push Roman Reigns fans wish Roman would get. 3) AEW wrestlers are all similar in height and build. After those, I don't have a lot to gripe about which also means I don't have a lot to talk about wrestling wise. Oh yeah. Brock beat up Rey Mysterio and his son, so Cain Velasquez showed up to beat up Brock. The hotshotting is real.

I know SmackDown needed something exciting to talk about for the future. That thing was never going to be "Kofi Kingston looks like someone WWE sees as a main eventer against Brock". Because I told you. Once the narrative that Kofi was being held down and held back was over, there wasn't much else there. I do not say that as an indictment on Kofi, see what I said about Roman. If you're not Seth Rollins you do not get booked strongly and in major storylines. I just hope WWE resists the urge to give Bray Wyatt the Universal belt then have him lose it swiftly to Seth or Roman or whoever. Anyway... I do not think WWE needed to start shooting the Velasquez/Lesnar angle right away. They could have built to it, made it the main event of Mania or something. Maybe they might still do that. I doubt it.

Timeline wise... Seth Rollins beat Brock at Mania. Brock beat Rollins with MITB before SummerSlam. Rollins beat Brock at SummerSlam. Next PPV Rollins loses the tag titles he won but defends the big red belt against his tag partner. Now he will lose the belt again against a guy that debuted at SummerSlam. It's VERY hotshotty when you look at it.

NXT lost the first battle of the Wednesday Night War... In which they opened with a TakeOver like card where Ciampa and Bàlor both returned to interact with Adam Cole BAYBAY! I think it's super exciting to think about NXT as WWE's third brand where they can send all the talents fans actually like to still lose in ratings to AEW. Daniel Bryan and so many others will be on NXT soon. I want AEW to do so well WWE starts getting desperate enough to send Goldberg after Matt Riddle on tv. Because hotshotting!