Seth Rollins Is Not The Guy

Corbin Macklin


First off... why would you wish that on him you marks? Wanting wrestlers you like to be The Guy at this point is an open admission really you hate them and you want them to say dumb things in promos and get booked terribly. Secondly, I hadn't seen anyone saying "Seth Rollins is the guy" before last week. You marks let the announcers work you into his push. You let Michael Cole and Corey Graves say a few lines straight outta Vince's mouth to your ears and now you believe Seth Rollins is the man. Literally a week ago, people were saying "Braun Strowman should be the guy". "Anyone but you, Roman" is REAL.

First I want to go all the way back to The Shield. Most of us who didn't watch ROH or even NXT pre WWE Network didn't know who Tyler Black was or know that Seth Rollins was the first NXT champion. I have heard of such things after the fact. When The Shield was a thing, it was obvious Roman was the one they were grooming for the big singles push. Ambrose seemed like he was the least impressive looking and not a better worker, but on the strength of his character, he would be ok. Rumors had him debuting in a feud unretiring and beating up Mick Foley. Seth Rollins was the guy flying around doing flippy... stuff. He has a very grating and annoying voice when he cuts promos. I saw him being at the midcard level at BEST. Then, WWE gave him the push they should have given to Roman. They made him the one to turn on The Shield. He was the one to win Money In The Bank and cash in on Roman. Then he was a chicken... excrement heel for six months that lost all the time and got help to retain his title more often than not, and marks grew to love him for some reason. Well, that's disingenuous: fans grew to appreciate his workrate and his ability to cut the 20 minute rambling promo to start Raw every week, because comparing him to Roman... well Roman COULD NEVER.

Seth Rollins is the personification of what marks say would happen if Roman turned heel. You have a guy who no one really sees as a main eventer, so you turn him heel to back door him into a championship, and along the way people start liking him. Wrestling, is the personification of why you should never do anything because you want or need to be liked. This week everyone likes Seth Rollins. Maybe this sentiment lasts a few months. Then they'll like someone else. And someone else. And someone else. Wrestling fans turn on you more than The Big Show. I agree with any mark that says "instead of having a focus on A guy, you should have multiple guys who are at a top level" because we're going to ignore the fact that WWE always has that. Let's ignore the reality that we the fans focus on Roman Reigns and John Cena and who we'd prefer got the main events that they get.

As an aside: wrestlers are always more important than the belt. Always. You can literally put a belt on anyone. Look at Jinder Mahal and Nicholas! You COULD put anyone into a main event but it don't make them a main eventer. Seth Rollins is a main eventer now, for sure. He's probably not going to get into any main events unless he wrestles Roman Reigns, but hey. This whole Roman thing is confusing to me and everyone watching. They swerved us twice JUST to swerve us. And proved, once again, that narratively, swerves never make any sense. The affections of marks are emotional swerves, that at least once a year or so, we pick someone to get THE push that we KNOW they're not getting.

How are any of you watching Roman Reigns' top guy push and wanting that for any wrestlers you allegedly like?