Seth Rollins Sucks As A Babyface

Corbin Macklin


Let me start this by saying I like Seth Rollins. I'm sure (not really, I'll expound later) Colby Lopez is a really nice guy, but Seth Rollins isn't all that likeable. I know he is a Bears fan and he likes videogames so he's alright by me. But. Who is Seth Rollins really? What is he about?

Is he the prick that brought up how much more money he makes in a conversation about being the best wrestler alive on social media? The internet did not like that. I watched several YouTube videos about how he is cracking under the pressure of being the top champion in WWE at a time where business is down.

I remember when The Shield turned babyface. They used to take turns cutting promos and I remember when it was Rollins' turn thinking "that was a heel promo" because what he was saying and how he was saying it seemed like Roman and Dean turned but he was still heel. Maybe that was intentional. (I seriously doubt WWE was working us on that one. Even though everything IS a work.) I think he kind of has an annoying voice/delivery and maybe that is on the creator and not the creation.

What does it mean to be "The Architect of The Shield"? Is he going to be "The Slayer of Whoever His Mania Program Is" the rest of his career? I think WWE sucks at booking its talent and developing their characters. They just have people win and lose without seeming logical. Then they put a tagline on you like "THE ARTIST" or something.

Rollins beat Brock after getting beat up because he hit him in the dick. So your top champion is a babyface that needed to cheat to win. Now Brock is champion again. IF you believe that these moves mean something, it could be a signal they know they messed up putting the belt on him. I'm not sure there really is a plan. I look at the roster and I see no one positioned to beat Brock. Again.

The top angle in WWE right now is Shane McMahon. Seth Rollins has been quiet on this issue. Roman Reigns has been front and center feuding with Shane's roster of heels. They turned KO like 3 times and now he is the second coming of Austin and Punk. Kofi Kingston was opposed by Vince and all the heels before he won the belt. Ever since he won, nothing. What message does it send when your top champions aren't involved in the top storyline? That they aren't the top, really.

Go back to when Roman first won the Rumble and people were mad he was getting the push over Daniel Bryan. You can easily ask the question "has he been in a top storyline as a single?" And the answer was no. It was just all of a sudden he won the Rumble. That affects how people see you. You know what Rollins' Universal title reign will be remembered for? A gang of forgettable matches against Baron Corbin. That was their best laid plan for the guy they had beat Brock at Mania. Which, literally Rollins has done twice now. And Roman has failed twice.

People do NOT like Baron Corbin. To some he is a hated heel in a worked sense. To others, he is hated as a shoot. The legendary X-Pac heat. That go away heat. At Extreme Rules, Rollins teamed with the arguable top pushed star in rhe company and people in the arena defecated on the match. They chanted for Brock to cash in on him. That does not happen if he was good at being a babyface.

You could say "fans also chanted for Brock to cash in on Kofi" and to that I say "again, Kofi hasn't had any heat as the top guy in the top program you want to see" because they've had him working with Samoa Joe after he's lost multiple times in US title matches. Dolph Ziggler literally wasn't doing anything BOOM multiple championship matches. Kevin Owens turned to get a shot because Daniel Bryan was hurt. What makes matches compelling is when you can see either side winning and it would make sense. As much as I feel like Kofi has been booked to look strong, his reign is still meh because he's beating people no one expects to beat him.

Back to Rollins: he is on the record promising to beat Brock again. If he doesn't, that in itself tells you what WWE thinks of him as a top guy. If he wins via shenanigans for the THIRD time, what kind of babyface is that? Not a good one, obviously.