So... If Not Roman, Then Who?

Corbin Macklin

WrestleMania 34 was full of more stunners than the night Steve Austin returned to drop the entire Alliance. One stood out, to make my main point for me: Charlotte ending Asuka's streak. I was disappointed but not mad, because WWE has consistently pushed Charlotte like they see her as the face of the women's division. As such, it's very "well why not her?" when it comes to ending the dominant streak that Asuka came in with. Contrast this with how WWE has pussyfooted around with pushing Roman Reigns as the face of the company. His haters expect him to win all the time and are happy when he fails, like tonight. I am a Roman Reigns fan, and tonight doesn't change that... but now I am lost. Like what was the point of doing the same match as 3 years ago just to have him lose again, proving the company is not behind him being "The Guy"? And then who IS The Guy now?

Yanno, back when The Undertaker was saying this was his yard, he was lying because never at any point was he that dude. I'm not talking about backstage, with the boys, where he was legendarily judge, jury and executioner in Wrestler's Court. I'm saying when he came up he was a gimmick guy to go against Hogan, then he was passed over for Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Austin, The Rock, Cena etc. Now Roman is the Big Dog, who brackets beating HHH in a match NOBODY wanted, and being the second to beat Taker at Mania... with two losses in matches against the first to beat Taker at Mania. Brock has been booked as "the guy someone has to whup to be the guy" and now Roman has failed at that, not once, but twice. When I was younger, I was more of a Rock guy than an Austin guy... losing to Austin twice at Mania LITERALLY proves Austin was higher in the pecking order. So again, when Lesnar has been used for years as a guy they've fed talents to, to ultimately put over another talent, it's telling that WWE refuses to let Roman do just that.

The reason marks hate Roman is that they perceive he is Vince's choice, over the likes of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Finn Bàlor, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose etc. Now that it is clear in my mark mind some weird game has been played with the emotions of those who support Roman Reigns and those who don't... I ask myself questions like: "So is Braun Strowman The Guy now? If so... why did he lose to Roman at Elimination Chamber?" "Why has no one else been protected like they are The Guy?" "THERE IS A GUY, RIGHT!?!" You are not a smart mark if you're reading this and thinking there doesn't need to be A SINGULAR person presented as THE person you compare everyone else to. We literally do it WITH EVERYTHING. Cardi B drops an album and immediately it must be compared to Nicki Minaj. Is Drake the top rapper or is Kendrick the best rapper or is Future the hottest rapper in these streets? Is Kevin Durant the best Golden State Warrior or is it Stephen Curry? Can LeBron fail so much in NBA Finals but through sheer stat stuffing be considered greater than Michael Jordan? If you want to get married, and you have sense... do you not compare and contrast all of your available options based on looks, personality etc and try to cuff the best one? I could do this all night... point is THERE NEEDS TO BE A GUY. I, a humbled and defeated Roman Reigns mark, want my suffering to end. But I know it won't. I TOLD YALL HHH IS A VILLAIN YALL DONE MADE INTO A HERO.

This reminds me of all the times I've had bomb conversations with women then asked for their number and they'd say things like "I don't give out my number, gimme yours" then never call. Or one time "If I see you again I'll give it to you". Or... when they give it to you, but everytime you call, they say "lemme call you back" but never do. This reminds me of how sometimes they'll flirt with you and you think it's all good, but if you ever try to link they say no. Some people will send you nudes and ask for yours, and tell you all these graphic things they want to do to you, but never make any effort to deliver on that. FOR THREE YEARS, BROTHER. WWE has pissed off the marks that hate Roman and teased the marks that love him, that one day, they'd pull the trigger on him. Tonight, for me, is where I draw the line on caring, fam. Next. It's what anyone with sense does when they get played. The truly depressing part, is they played me for three years.

About 6 years ago, I wrote a piece about CM Punk losing his streak to The Rock that was so profane it set off porn filters at people's jobs. I was tilted that day, Jack. I have matured in that time, so even though I'm not sober, I am completely objective when I say: WWE hurt me tonight. I will heal from this but ohhhhh it burns. I'm not gonna stop watching, or stop liking Roman Reigns... I just don't know, man. This seems like they don't have any kind of plan whatsoever. That's not good. Marks complain when wrestling is predictable but the reality is, when you do random things not leading anywhere, you don't give people a reason to keep following the story to see what happens. I'm giving up on expecting the ending I wanted. THAT'S NOT GOOD.