THE Main Event

Corbin Macklin


In today's "why wrestling fans are stupid" missive, I want to address why fans raging over Roman Reigns matches going on last need to get over it. It is not because I am a permanent resident of The Roman Empire, as WWE continues to make everyone look silly that wants to support that dude. It's like you people just started watching wrestling. OR... you watched wrestling with rose tinted shades on where the main event of every show was for the world championship. Allow me to educate you, marks.

Remember WrestleMania 8? Yanno, the one where Macho Man Randy Savage and Ric Flair had a classic and the main event was that botched Papa Shango run in of a... wait for it... Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice match. How about when Bret Hart vs British Bulldog main evented SummerSlam over Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior? What about that entire transitional title reign that was CM Punk's so called modern record wherein CM Punk NEVER main evented unless he was wrestling John Cena or The Rock? Where luminaries such as John Laurinaitis, Kane and The Big Show got to main event over a man being marketed as The Best In The World? Bro. That was like 5 years ago. Did you just start watching wrestling to complain about Roman Reigns in 2015? I'm positive that all throughout wrestling history, of all the wrestling promotions and territories to ever exist, there have been plenty of times a certain wrestler overshadowed the actual world championship.

I wanted to start a whole new paragraph for this doozy: You realize the actual wrestlers mean more and matter more than the belt does, right? You DO realize that you can't just take a guy out of a comedy jobber faction, have him doing jobs RIGHT UP UNTIL getting a title shot and winning the title and then have that person be regarded as a top talent right? Remember Jinder Mahal? Yeah. Jinder Mahal never deserved to be in main events. He never deserved to get a title shot. There was no outrage over these things. But hey, Battleground was one of the worst PPVs ever right? If anything, you people raging over certain people not getting to main event is a reminder that WWE is too liberal in giving its belts and title shots to just any old body because there are too many pay per views in the first place.

Chanting Rusev Day is far more over than Rusev has ever been. I am a Rusev fan. I think WWE could do more with Rusev. I would be in favor of WWE giving Rusev the world championship because I think he is an entertaining, talented guy. His stuff looks good and is believable. I do not want to see him play a chickenbleep heel ever. Rusev should always be something of a monster. WWE has taken a lot of the shine off of him being unstoppable, as they've done with a lot of guys, by having him lose to John Cena. Speaking of John Cena... do you, or do you not... remember John Cena's US championship run moreso than Rusev's? It has NOTHING to do with match quality. Those "open challenge" matches were overrated. They were basically "guy kicks out of one or two AA's, Cena kicks out of 2 or 3 of their finishers", Michael Cole screams "WHAT A MATCH" multiple times, the internet gets worked like the marks we are. My point is more than made again in this paragraph. Any title means more if Cena holds it than if Rusev holds it. It's the same leather strap with some painted gold on it.

Another point I want to make in closing, is something I've been thinking about a lot. I like when different things close shows. I like having the women close shows. I like the women getting to do the matches they've never done before. I want to see more of the US and IC titles closing shows, if you know that's going to be the best match like Miz vs Rollins was at Backlash. I want to see tag title matches close shows, if it's a hot program like New Day vs The Usos or The Bar vs Rollins and Ambrose were last year. The best matches at Battleground and SummerSlam last year were far and away the tag championship matches. I'm not trying to defend WWE always trying to main event Roman, I am defending the world championship never ever ever ever being set in stone as THE main event over superior talents.