Vince Loves America More Than Money

Corbin Macklin


Before anything, I am a black man. Being a wrestling fan means most of the time I have to ask myself "is this guy really good, or do I just want him to get pushed because he's black?" Recently I asked myself was I being an Uncle Tom house n word because I didn't think Kofi Kingston was good enough to merit a world championship win? Confession: back when it was fashionable to root against John Cena, I wanted to see R-Truth beat him at Capitol Punishment. It's crazy to think... R-Truth was once booked as a heel threatening enough to merit a main event against Super Cena, and tagging with Miz against Cena and The Rock. At the time I am typing this sentence there is not one black wrestler I see as a top wrestling superstar. I like Velveteen Dream. We'll see what they do with him. I don't want Vince to bring back the XFL... but if he must, he must sign Colin Kaepernick because of what that will mean to the black delegation.

I am not suggesting this move should be made as a PR move to run counter to the NFL, even though it would market itself as that. I will say straight out it is not going to happen. I don't think Vince is racist. I do think Vince knows most of his audience is racist. I think Vince knows if he marketed his failed league reboot as a platform for social justice for the blacks, all the people that miss the point on purpose about that kneeling during the anthem would cancel WWE Network subs and not watch the great value football. I don't think WWE doesn't give its biggest pushes to black talent because Vince is racist. I still think most of them aren't worthy. I know Colin Kaepernick is good enough to play football. So I think if you start a football league and you want stars in your league and you don't sign the biggest one available, you don't want your league to succeed. The best college football players will all apply for the NFL draft. You will get guys who could never make it there and that can only make the practice squad at best.

I can't see the guy who markets a "Tribute To The Troops" show signing a guy who is widely viewed by a certain demographic to be disrespecting the troops. If it did happen, it would be interesting to view the response of the intersection of Black Twitter and Wrestling Twitter. Some of them would be indifferent and saying the move doesn't make up for years of not booking black wrestlers as more than dancers, rappers, rapping dancers and Crime Tyme. I think others would be interested in seeing what happens and appreciate seeing something happen they never saw coming. Like other people felt with Kofi. I have been holding my tongue on the backlash people have been unleashing on Jay Z for doing his deal with the NFL and the perception that he sold out. And I still don't really have an opinion on that except that it made me think "Hey! XFL is coming back... It would be interesting to think about what could or would be if they signed Kaep!" And I can't write too many sentences without thinking "but it'll never happen."