Why You're A Mark For Hating Roman Reigns

Corbin Macklin

I want to start this by saying Vince McMahon is personally responsible for every EXCUSE wrestling fans have for not supporting Roman Reigns. If they wanted to push Roman as what they see him as, the FIRST mistake was not having Roman turn on The Shield and be The Authority's guy. Everyone fake wants him to be a heel, and resents him for being even loosely related to The Rock... while using The Rock as the template of how he should have been presented. Then... if you wanted to keep him face, why was Ambrose the one at odds with Rollins and not Roman? Roman never once had a upper midcard or main event babyface storyline before they had him win the Rumble. Vince wrote those GOD awful promos. Sufferin' succotash, indeed. Roman has been set up to fail repeatedly... and yet, I still say fans who despise him for being pushed as THE GUY are marks.

I would like to introduce into evidence: Jinder Mahal. 9/10, if you're reading this... you don't like Roman because of how he's booked, because he can't cut a promo, because he can't wrestle. And you were happy that a guy who was a literal jabroni, who can't cut a promo, WHO HAS NEVER HAD A GOOD MATCH... became one of 50 men to, at the time of writing, win the WWE Championship. See, Roman Reigns worked very good tag championship matches with Seth Rollins in his day. Those six man tags were dope. You are a liar if you tell me the last Mania match with Lesnar wasn't good, or the feud with AJ Styles, Braun Strowman or any other number of singles matches. This man had a good Last Man Standing against Big Show. He can work. He WAS god awful on the stick, but now he can do a good job, if they'd stop having him tell lies like "I'm selling tickets you haven't sold in years" and "Brock Lesnar is Vince's boy". He was not thrust from obscurity to main event level... when he was in The Shield they were upper midcard to main event. Hell, their first AND last matches as a group main evented PPVs. By the time Mania 31 rolled around, this wasn't some Johnny come lately thrust into the spotlight. He wasn't QUITE seasoned, but he WAS ready. But "Don't Hinder The Jinder" tho. If you still think ANYONE can be given a push and be a credible champion... why not Roman Reigns, with the track record I have laid out?

Roman Reigns is a victim of bad timing. Bad timing on the part of WWE to bring back Daniel Bryan before the 2015 Rumble and they had no plans for him to even go deep into that match. The booking of the match was terrible, in that they did not book it to be realistic contenders at the end. A Final Four of Reigns, Bryan, Ambrose and Rusev is WAY better than Big Show, Kane, Rusev and Reigns. If you think people hated and resented homie before that night, you have created a revisionist history in which Roman was not greeted by a deafening pop at TLC 2014, when he saved Internet fave John Cena from annihilation at the hands of Big Show and Rollins. The hate literally started the night people had their little dream kilt, that Daniel Bryan wouldn't main event Mania two years in a row. And people have not backed off of these feelings even with the hindsight being 20/20 that Bryan had physically destroyed himself even getting to the level that he did. I am tilted that in the year of our Lord 2018, you marks still say things like "WWE held Daniel Bryan down/back". Look this up: Bryan went into or came out of WrestleManias 27-31 with EVERY BELT HE COULD HAVE POSSIBLY WON. But hey... they're shoving Roman down your throats by having him lose with regularity!

I truly believe in my heart, most of you dislike certain wrestlers because you don't have a single original thought in your pea brain. Some of you might really think that it's ok for Jinder Mahal to have ever been a world champion but Roman is the REAL offender... and this is logical. I want to argue with you about as much as I'd engage in fisticuffs with a nigga with a tattoo on his face. You got nothing to lose. Noap. I'm not arguing that you SHOULD like Roman, or that he is the best. I WOULD argue that he is at worst number three behind Rollins and AJ Styles. The dude IS a top guy in this, and every other world with pro wrestling in it. If you don't like it, you better learn to love it because it's one of the best things going today! WOOOOOOOOO!