Wrestlers Bigger Than Wrestling

Corbin Macklin

Credit: WWE.com

Full disclosure: I am one of those wrestling fans that does not actually WATCH wrestling. There was a time where I literally built my schedule around being free to watch Raw and SmackDown. When I was a kid, I didn't have cable so I would go over a friend's house or my neighbor's to watch Nitro or Raw. Nowadays the most wrestling I consume is the odd YouTube clip. I watched Jon Moxley win the IWGP US Championship the other day. I am literally writing this while WWE's Saudi show is on and I am not watching. I am upset because I heard Shane McMahon has beaten Roman Reigns and I am FED UP.

They had a tournament to determine the "best in the world" and put Shane over. Then they had Shane beat The Miz twice in a row. Now Shane has beaten THE BIG DOG. At this point he actually deserves to be in line for a world championship. I SHOULD NEVER BE TYPING THAT LAST SENTENCE ABOUT A NON ACTUAL WRESTLER. I feel like Suge Knight. "If you don't wanna see the owner's son going over and taking up spots on the card from actual talent... Go to AEW." THAT IS... if Tony Khan doesn't have a son who will make me a lie for saying that.

Shane McMahon is a glorified stuntman with no credibility. Mick Foley he is NOT. WWE is making him the biggest heel on their roster 20 plus years after they did it better with his father. Vince won the Royal Rumble and the WWF Championship and just being honest, it didn't seem egregious at the time. If Shane wins the WWE Championship OR the Rumble I might stop following WWE altogether. Back when Vince was the biggest heel in the business he also didn't overshadow The Undertaker, The Rock or HHH. Those dudes weren't cupcakes you knew you could run through on your way to give Vince his comeuppance. Shane has surrounded himself with The Revival, Elias and Drew McIntyre. None of those dudes are in my WWE hall of fame, bro. Drew has potential to (LOL) be booked better to (LOLOLOLOLOL) be taken seriously as a top superstar. I have watched too much of WWE's product to ever believe they'll do what fans with sense would reasonably hope they would do.

All this heat they're getting on Shane will not have a commensurate payoff. Book it. He more likely than not will never even give Roman his win back. Even if he does, he'll be having Roman selling for him and taking like 80% of the match like he can actually work. Throwing those terrible hands. This will not result in anyone being a bigger star or drawing money. So... What is the point?

WWE does not have any stars that transcend the sport of professional wrestling because Vince doesn't WANT any of them to be meaningful draws. He just wants to control everything that way he can't be hurt much by people leaving to do other things or retiring because of injury. But the business is suffering from this inconsistent storytelling and 50/50 booking. They need their wrestling heels to be more important than any McMahon and for their babyfaces to be able to overcome. But then maybe the wrestlers would be bigger than the company. Oh noes.