Hans Mortier

Dutch immigrant Jacob Grobbe was an international star and wrestled under several gimmicks, including Dutch Howlett, Tarzan Zorro, Dr. X and Lord Charles Montague. However, it was as Hans Mortier he was best known, a villain wearing a signature lamé German aviator helmet. After Bruno Sammartino dethroned Buddy Rogers as WWWF Champion, Mortier was the first serious contender, challenging on numerous occasions. This storied feud was highlighted by Sammartino being the only one to break Mortier's dreaded full nelson hold, dubbing the Guillotine. Other notable battles were against Edouard Carpentier, Bobo Brazil, Eddie Graham and Buddy Austin. Mortier also formed a tag team, the Mortier Brothers, with "brother" Max. Publicity added to Mortier's lore, including a listing in a Top 50 of wrestlers in America in a 1964 edition of Wrestling World. Leaving the WWWF in 1967, he took a short tour of Japan and Hawaii before returning and having his final run in 1968.