Johnny Valentine

Employing a slow, methodical pace to crush his opponents, Johnny Valentine was reputed to be one of the most brutal wrestlers ever. Valentine also drew the ire of fans with his cockiness and shined as a villain. In August 1958, he headed to Capitol Wrestling (now WWE) where he was a major draw. He headlined several cards, including sellout shows at Madison Square Garden, battling the likes of Argentina Rocca and Buddy Rogers, who he later teamed with to capture the U.S. Tag Team Title (which evolved into the WWE World Tag Team Championship) defeating The Fabulous Kangaroos. He would also win those titles with partners Jerry Graham and Bob Ellis. After touring other territories in the early '60s, Valentine returned to Capitol, now named WWWF. He won the U.S. Tag Titles a fourth time, partnering with Tony Parisi and turned on him leading to a feud with Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Championship.