Willie Gilzenberg

Nicknamed "The Beard" for his well-noted stubble, Willie Gilzenberg was instrumental to the early beginnings of WWE (then Capitol Wrestling Corporation). He assisted Vince J. McMahon in gaining the respect and trust of established NY promoters after McMahon established Capitol Wrestling Corporation in DC and sought to expand into NY. Gilzenberg also served as a mediator between the Capitol trust members and officials. Rewarded for his loyalty, Gilzenberg was named WWWF President. As president, he managed McMahon's northern promotions and television. After the cancellation of Capitol's only program in New York and dismal turnout for a card at Madison Square Garden, he secured a TV spot on WNJU-TV for Capitol Wrestling in Newark. The publicity was a shot in the arm and attendance rebounded. Gilzenberg continued in his role as president until his death on November 15, 1978.